I thought that my brown goldfish Poopy wasn't very special... until I found his talent. After waking up from a bad dream I saw Poopy jumping though a red ring on fire! Astonished I went under the covers and slowly peeked out from under them. As I climbed down the ladder of my bunk bed I saw a flash and woke up to the same old boring fish.
Snake Loose!
You've probably seen a snake before right. Well you probably won't believe me but I saw a snake with legs! Crazy right, you probably don't believe me but it's true. I saw it well heard it through the school vents. I looked up and saw a flash of black slither through I knew where the vent was going... THE JANITORS CABINET!  
As I burst open the door I saw the snake slither down the drain pipe. Crap I mumbled under my breath. As it slithered down the drain pipe.
The Pet Present 
My alarm clock beeped 7:00. ''It's my birthday!'' I screamed dashing down stairs. Before I could scream again my Mom and Dad started singing happy birthday. But before I could thank them my  dad put 100$ in the palm of my hands and told me to cycle to the pet store and get any pet I wanted.  I was dazed. I've never had a pet before. As I dashed out the door I yanked my bike off it's rack and rode as fast as I could and soon arrived at the pet store.  When I burst open the door I was amazed at what I saw: a blood red snake. And I knew that we would be best friends.

the batteries


I was about to eat a baloney sandwich when I heard a shriek. I hurried outside but know one was in sight. Going to everyone houses I energetically asked them if anyone screamed in there house. There was one house left and I knocked on the door.  Waiting inpatient the door finally opened the women cried as she told me the story. She said her radio ran out of batteries.

100 wc week 11

Have you ever thought what goes on in your imagination? Well I know because I practically live there and it's awesome! Like yesterday I discovered an article in the newspaper that is presenting a statue in Wood Wind park. My imagination went to work. I imagined that a sith lord had a fight with Medusa.
Wacky right.
But then the deadly sith got out his blood red lightsaber and and tried to plunge it into Medusa.
Then suddenly she turned and blasted him to stone with her snake hair.
And now there's a sith dead stiff in Wood Wind park.
100 wc #8
"Come on, come on!" I shouted. "When  will it start?"
"Be patient, wait I got an idea lets remember the times of good things this year before the new year starts."
"OK I got punched in the eye,broke my knee, I almost drowned in a pool,and got bit in the butt by a dog."
"OK your year was pretty crappy but just think about my year. "I won the lottery, got thousands of treats this Halloween, and got a car for Christmas.
"But tomorrow will be amazing and we'll celebrate your good luck!"
"Fine,"I answered. And my sister and I watched the white fireworks with a crackling flame swimming towards the sky.
100 wc week#7
My Life Is Hell
''Scram shrimp!''  Finally it was my time to run from those jerks. I dashed home faster than the speed of sound. When I got home I got my power popper ready to shot my enemy's if they ambushed me. As the door slammed behind me I knew they would be outside watching me like a pack of wolfs. Tomorrow would be hell again and I knew it. The next day was worse like I said. I got to school and guess who was there...them. They beat me to the ground like a potato getting mashed.And no one would help.